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Meet L.Y.L.W.L.


Living Your Life Without Limits (LYLWL)

Is a Health & Wellness/Life Coaching Service, that provides both Individuals & Businesses with tools and resources to help them: achieve goals, overcome obstacles and make changes or shifts in their personal lives, professional careers, and work environment. The Life coach works with the client, as a partner,  in a thought provoking  process, that inspires them to maximize their personal and career life coaching services potential to create the changes they seek. Living Your Life Without Limits (LYLWL) airs a weekly Saturday Podcast at 9:00 am PST hosted by  Shannon Jackson RN, PHN, BSN, MAOM, CLC. The Podcast is about you first and foremost. In every episode, she describes real-world situations and provides actionable advice to help her listeners live better lives. A combination of general life coaching and from-the-heart inspiration, Living Your Life without Limits is a tool that you can integrate into every day to prepare you for any difficulties that you may face and break through or jump over any barriers that get in your way.


About Shannon

For 28 years, Shannon Jackson, RN, PHN, BSN, MAOM, has built her reputation on gentle, effective care, also expanding into life coaching, public speaking, and entrepreneurship. She works hard in all her many roles, committing herself day after day to making a difference in people's lives. Throughout her career, she has accrued a variety of skills that empower her to provide healthcare that goes beyond the norm, setting a higher standard for those around her. It is because of her deep motivational speaker for care-giving that she encounters challenges head-on, and she overcomes them with vigor and ferocity. Her philosophy is one based firmly on accountability, and she makes herself an example for anyone who is looking to thrive in the healthcare industry.


After completing her Associate's Degree in Nursing, Shannon went on to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and her Master's Degree in Administration & Organizational Management at the University of Phoenix. A firm believer in the value of ongoing education, she  completed a course in curriculum development at Cal State University, she is a Continuing Education  Unit (CEU ) provider for the California License Board of Registered Nurses ,and a Certified  Life Coach. She is a leader who sets goals for herself and then follows through on them, following systems of tasks designed to get her where she wants to go.


Through coaching and public speaking speech , Shannon is driven to motivate and inspire others to live better lives. She has seen firsthand the limitless power within all people, and any time she finds an opportunity to move someone to becoming a public speaker to action and self-betterment, she feels obligated to do so. Always communicating from the heart, she strives for clarity, her interpersonal skills sharp and lending themselves well to one-to-one connection. At the same time, she is adept at building energy within group environments. She has trained hundreds of people during her career, pointing them toward their full potential both as professionals and as leaders.